A Georgia Baby

A Georgia baby’s a good thang but she wun’t ’bout ta truly b’lieve it she looked around with the innocence of not knowing how the world works when you precisely know how the world works but you are tubin’ down the river in an’ ol’ tire with her round stomach centered spinning whitest legs dangling, […]

Groucho Said It Best

you could be mistaking swollen catfish for deflated football, commiserating about Groucho Marx in a hot Texas border town if the evens go north to south and the odds go east to west then I-2 is the end of the road sits a big fat catfish dryin’ in the scrub lookin’ just so like you […]

Devil’s Tramping Ground

You’d suppose you’d be alarmed. If shadowy figures stood around you when you opened your eyes you’d suppose you’d be alarmed. Not us, headin’ back East. Dusk lulls us by its familiar mass, stern and menacing tribute of richness, the black from the obscurity placed in our eyes at birth, our eyes we close against […]

Dreams About Women, III

It is untold when she will focus on me in the cramped store with the mesh grate window gates strewn with receipts and bills like a pawnshop I put my fingers from my parents in the grate and pull until the knuckles, peaks and valleys turn searing white, the red tips point outward toward Soto […]

Phoenix Sorted Me Out

“Eastern people can’t believe they still do those things out West.” I got burned by Phoenix, but it sorted me out. With my undisclosed doctorate, slouching about, talking in dark college halls of Godard and Brecht to laid-off truckers, starry-eyed freshmen, the rest. Friends, I won’t have to spend three months on your couch; I […]