Push Through Salinas

California, verdant and moreno.
San Joaquin Southern accented
Okie grandchildren fixed inside
last century’s produce vortex
along with trafficked runaways
human salad bumper to bumper
vatos playing agricultural dice

The last push through the great
Salinas compost heap,
feeding the finale of life
southward; libertine vocal fry bite
leafy excessive superlatives
with the mouths of the
last organic humans

Gasping point for tongues
stretching out for farther trails
where may meander perpetual
nascent dialects looking for homesteads.
Compost heap, agricultural dice,
vortex of abundance, moreno trafficking
in verdant citadels of lengua
pushing through the last century.

One last push and we’re done.
Like, totally the last one ever.

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