Mirko’s Dream

“Are we European anymore? Have we gifted the world with reason and culled it with atheism, or gifted it nations and cured it with internationalism? Or are we a museum of cultures, a Disney full of Bourbons and Mozarts and Descarteses? There is much more to be looked into here.


“And now we are not complaining so much about being an auxiliary NATO, rather a sort of exhibition on display to demonstrate the natural authenticity of that genus, as a ‘work of nature’… We instead tried to deny the reality by attacking the nation-state as the display case, and not the EU. We’re slipping back into these sub-regionalisms, this narcissism of little differences, across the board, to put off the realisation…


“Tell me, would Descartes say these nations are greater than or equal to the sum of their affected parts? This is my thought: I say they are lesser than. I say there is no sufficient cause in a nation. There is no sufficient cause in a Union, and there is no sufficient cause in an ode an die Freude. This is the bad taste of the age – welcome to Madam Tussaud’s House of Fraternité!


“Remind me… what does Descartes say about wax?” Mirko observed the South Tyrol ID cards resting on the seat in front of him. “Republik Italien,” they read. Their owners sat side by side, each absorbed in their own phones, as the plane glided over several different austerities between Stansted and Bergamo, to speak nothing of their measures.


  1. Ah, Tremaglia; What an interesting draw.

    Your Decartian’ dialogue is pristine, I would believe it actually took place, along with that overly-mathematical view of complex subjects. Europe, as it stands, is living a much more analytical era in terms of philosophy; At times, I’d like to believe we took the good parts of Marx’s mechanical philosophies and cast idealogicals into the fiery pits of Ancient Greece; but this is merely a belief. There is no unity in Europe, as you pointed out; There is no unity anywhere, our age is purely individualistic.

    In a way, this short-prosaic fragment showcases well what I abhor about European Intellectualism; The endless cycle of ataraxia under the weight of the Greats, the Pantheon of Thinkers, gifted with better judgement than any of the common folk. In a way, that is also what I envy the most about American culture; your youth allows you the freedom of thinking for yourselves, without the manacles of pretentious philosophies.

    Regardless, the grass is always greener;
    Thank you Jeremy, you are wicked good at writing.

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    1. Thank you, Johnny! And thank you for all of your writings! I remember when I wrote this it was partially to prove that, although I could be repetitive about highlighting regionalism/sectionalism in the US, I was not therefore somehow philosophically allied to any kind of anti-centralism or anti-federalism… I was and am allied to an analysis of societal well-being in both holistic and atomistic terms.

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