Insulis Australis

leftbehind tastes that said this one was wrong and
because they totem and stuff.
the winter air is humid still and makes me think of
and a great outing for ever but
                i brought your fears along
fears like smelted tools and tidal gifts
peace in a moment will makeyou to stay in reflection
of beautiful stories we told,
our people
,the more you cram into a day the more 
you’re beginning to make sense
another story they told:
who lived on small islands possesed more themselves
and all was so contrasted from terrafirma
they remain ornate long after the deluge and the
consolidations of titles
This thing is finished
let’s go to them little southern islands with their 
                          matchbox paradigms
south hellscape islands or the balklands
south unpacific, macronesia
nuclear atoll
the rotting tortugas
                        we’ll document their languages
                      and adopt their beliefs
a mortriarchy 
somewhere                    somew
                            here cold. 

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