Generation Without Shame

What will they not do! exclaims another gaunt lawman
in the times of the thin wrists, dust clouds and locusts.
We saw Bonnie Parker with a cigar hanging out her mouth
and gawked at her and Clyde, imagining every lurid detail:
what jaunting splendor they felt gunning down a bank man,
and who undressed whom, as what raced through two
East Texas minds, when shot through with lead or lust.
Truly another generation without shame, one remarks, for
what had it taken to make the shrew run off with the devil,
or to make the youth rage around the basin of a continent,
Heavens we will never know. But ain’t that the way to die?
Ain’t they some folk heroes now? In that echo chamber
they made an Adonis and Aphrodite of their ragged selves,
and a vociferous attestation of the power of that haggard
wagoner bound for circles around the abundant plains of
hunger; how better might we live as killers, too! How better
might we raise this next generation without shame; hands
on belt buckles, wrists brimming with torque and plague.


  1. Powerful!
    I recently bought Natural Born Killers limited edition and this is reminiscent of that to me. We live in a world where fame is desired truly above all else. Hard to see a bright future in that…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I often have in mind this Bertolt Brecht quote, “First come vittles, then come morals”. Desperation breeds depravity and only a comfortable position insulated from need can even perceive the latter. Therefore there is inherent appeal in the Mussolini and Trump quote about living ‘a day as a lion’. We are living in a time where the shrinking of the ethical sphere to all but the murderer and her immediate entourage is becoming a primary survival mechanism for many, but we have been in those times often before. Thin wrists start swinging.


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