Preguntas por Reynosa

Department store Coppel Juárez, with the
güera family ad, Nuestra Señora Morena De
Guadalupe on the side of it. A house
divided, Roman outpost, niño de las flautas,

Su Madre Morena, Mi Madre Morena. Caciques
rubios del golfo. Founding families of the
interior, sindicatos of la raza, national
petroleum riding on Kansas City Southern de

México. A house divided, so far from the
roses of Juan Diego, so close to the
Maseratis of Texas. Happy criolla families
hiding in commercials and billboards,

in mansions across the border. In annals
of these streets paved with brown bodies.
Where is your militant mother, child? Your
brown mother to change the bullets to roses?

Where is your bandit father, amigo? Your
upstart campesino to change the roses back
to bullets again? Where are your poets to
arm the roses and bloom the rifles? Where?

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