The Eagle

The situation that gave chance
to Dillon Death of Thibodaux
to wrap my mind in circumstance
and turn my head toward Mexico

Was that through all my best attempts
with naught but more pleas not to go
I took the risk as recompense
with Half-Breed Joe from Mexico

So with the final shake down run
we crossed the stream up to our toes
We jeered so loud, “I’ll arm… weapons,”
young targets shout, “to Mexico!”

The faded eagle’s Fed’ral blue
its pall took quite a different glow
we tossed it as the brushfire grew
as you do in Mexico

Did we look north, did we look south?
On either side all but to know
what had been captured in its mouth
in those hills of Mexico

Caught the serpent on the leg
which tread for us one snake ago?
No! Eagle devours eagle again;
flies back and forth, mere Mexico.

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