Encircle a City

If you won six million yuan, would you encircle a city? The unsubstantiated conviction of increasing returns. Greatest change you’ve ever made. Encircle a city. Rotting, and so are yours. Force them out to surrender. Work too much. Encircle a city. A novel about marriage; some want out, some want in. There is a city. You know the story. Try to change your character, but they wouldn’t let you in. Join some groups and have many friends. Guerrilla groups, knitting groups. Fantasy football, make-believe Eastern religious practices without the inconvenience of a historical God. Bless the hand that swings a sword against a lesser neck in a cosmic dance detached from the invasion of Manchuria and your opinion on it. Encircle a city, force the topic. You done wrong again, son. I don’t want to work for money. I feel more like designing machines that amplify input force. To see increasing returns. If you won six million yuan, you still would never change this. Encircle a city and turn it out. Increasing returns in the country surrounding. People running down the farm road like that napalm girl. I heard she found Jesus, but it wasn’t in Saigon. Nothing ever happens in Saigon anymore. Making things with hands, yes, applying force. Excavating Jericho with a ram’s horn, talking primitive accumulation with a Levite and a Samaritan. Turns out neither was all that good; the poor man was a Canaanite.

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