Almost Like Giulietta Masina

Almost like Giulietta Masina
but you didn’t have the heart
Cabiria and the Spirits
innocence in the postwar years

in a seaside shanty
when you joined ZampanĂ²
you were almost like Giulietta
Masina, but you didn’t have the

heart. You clung to the
miserable suburb like dust
without enough redeeming
qualities to be blown back out.

And on the road the pilgrims
wept to see you survive
what ought to do violence to
beauty so Chaplinesque.

But you didn’t have the heart.
You were almost like Guilietta
Masina, but you didn’t overcome
the war. You fell into it laughing.

And what’s more, you
flashed on a screen, you
flashed in a pan, and in a
second more you were gone.