Devil’s Tramping Ground

You’d suppose you’d be alarmed. If shadowy figures stood around you when you opened your eyes you’d suppose you’d be alarmed. Not us, headin’ back East. Dusk lulls us by its familiar mass, stern and menacing tribute of richness, the black from the obscurity placed in our eyes at birth, our eyes we close against […]

Tactile Afterlife

Originally published in Heron Clan VI I was at the age to guard the way the creek flowed like it was some penmanship of larger men into the brown Carolina and since waited on the country road and backwoods bridge to become the compassionate elder viewing young catastrophes and stepping panic stricken out into the power line […]

Good News Crackles

Originally published in Heron Clan VI Driving through the Carolina forests late at night and the radio moves from music with advice to music with recipes. Then come the Jesus stations – all 20 or so. One, then another. Eventually one reaches out to you, between the trees and through your headlights, out of the products […]