Dreams About Women, III

It is untold when she will focus on me in the cramped store with the mesh grate window gates strewn with receipts and bills like a pawnshop I put my fingers from my parents in the grate and pull until the knuckles, peaks and valleys turn searing white, the red tips point outward toward Soto […]

Phoenix Sorted Me Out

“Eastern people can’t believe they still do those things out West.” I got burned by Phoenix, but it sorted me out. With my undisclosed doctorate, slouching about, talking in dark college halls of Godard and Brecht to laid-off truckers, starry-eyed freshmen, the rest. Friends, I won’t have to spend three months on your couch; I […]

Watermelon in a Dry, Dry Place

Emery County, Utah. People’s favorite melons are the ones that ripen first. When you crack open the melons or the tour buses or the truck stops the moistness comes trickling out. The bus came via I-70, I-15 from L.A., the green Han character on the side packed together all the meaning which was visible on […]